Position: Innovation Catalyst (Panda Labs Taskforce - Volunteer) Ecuador | WWF

Position: Innovation Catalyst (Panda Labs Taskforce - Volunteer) Ecuador

Posted on
22 marzo 2021


● Support the organization and coordination of the Local A-Team in the office assisting the  articulation of innovation goals, and identifying key needs; ensure these connect to the local office  strategy and contribute to broader WWF conservation goals. 
● In Coordination with the Regional Innovation Catalyst develop an actionable plan to build the  skills needed to achieve local innovation goals, including accessing internal capacity building  opportunities, tailored coaching, and connecting with partners.
● Map Innovation efforts that have been carried out by WWF Ecuador to support the actionable  plan in building capacity.
● Guide and assist local team to ‘map’ the local innovation ecosystem; identify key potential  partners, and facilitate connections. 
● Help develop resources and materials that describe local Panda Labs work and opportunities,  that can be used to attract additional resources and/or form new partnerships.
● As needed, connect the team to available relevant resources on innovation and processes such  as Design Thinking, and other tools that can be used to guide the development of innovative  solutions. 
● Understand and support local ‘solution’ development goals, and provide coaching to assist the  team to co-create solution(s), including: ideation with the ‘right’ partners at the table, conducting  empathy work, developing and testing ‘minimum viable product’ (MVP) and prototypes, validating  solutions and business plans. 
● Backstop: help ‘think through’ solution development goals, articulate needs, and seek support. 
● Promote a ‘networking’ and ‘partnership’ approach to solving challenges and seeking support;  forming strategic alliances with key allies. 
● Support in networking and pursuing opportunities to connect with potential partners in the local  innovation ecosystem, and/or around the particular solution-challenge topic area.
● Catalyze local innovation to develop solutions, with your enthusiasm, fresh perspective and  support - help the local team as they launch their local innovation journey, to develop solutions to  top local conservation challenges! 


● Degree in relevant field (e.g.: entrepreneurship, innovation, business, technology, marketing,  conservation, design or other related field)
● Innovation background / experience with Design Thinking and Partnership Development,  action-based learning and innovation processes, rapid prototyping, emerging technologies,  market research, business modelling, project management, lean startup or social  entrepreneurship;
● Ability to inspire, excite and engage people in experimentation and unleashing their potential to  innovate. This is your next mission.
● Networking and partnership mindset and demonstrated ability to support collaborative action.
● Open to work in a virtual, global team that is still locally rooted; working on specific problems but  still connecting the dots.
● Interest to work with entrepreneurs, partners, NGOs and other stakeholders, understanding their  needs and creating opportunities for collaboration.
● Flexibility - able to adapt, operate with uncertainty, and ‘do what it takes’ to get work done.
● Self-reliant + passionate to tackle environmental challenges; and excited to do so!
● Basic computer skills and technical ability to use Word / Excel / Gdrive programs.
● Excellent written and verbal communication in English and Spanish.

Ideal Qualifications

● Fluency in Spanish and English
● Professional communication styles; excellent writer and communicator, able to adapt to  audiences
● (Virtual) public speaking skills and presentations may be required;
● Enthusiastic and a self-starter, enjoys working with people, positive and flexible attitude, and problem-solving/ critical thinking skills;
● Able to work remotely with different cultures and on simultaneous projects;
● Time management and task prioritization is required.

If you are interested, please send your CV and your motivation letter to yvp@wwfint.org by the 25th of March.